Transatlantic solidarity

Several delegates have gotten up to speak about the struggle to unionize bus drivers in the US who are employed by a British-based company, First Group/First Student. Now they are showing a film with British workers — members of the Transport and General Workers Union — expressing their solidarity. The Teamsters and SEIU have been working together very closely on this campaign, and you can find more details here:
It’s great to see a concrete example of cross-border solidarity, or as Andy Stern says, “workers of the world unite” (or was that Karl Marx?).

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  1. Andrew Casey | 28/09/2005 at 00:33 |

    Yes Yes Eric – Workers of the World Unite is still an important slogan to organise around
    My question from Down Under – what real discussion was there about Global Partnerships.
    How will CTW be different from AFL-CIO in its international work?
    We know the AFL-CIO’s international work has been sullied by its attitude of being ever-ready to be a front for the CIA.
    How can we be assured CTW will not be captured by the spooks?
    How will they keep to a progressive agenda which does not patronise other union traditions?

  2. Sandy Martin | 28/09/2005 at 11:04 |

    Just a factual note – Transport & General Workers local negotiators have just succeeded in getting a much improved agreement for drivers with First here in Suffolk, after a one-week strike which brought the company to its senses.

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