Back to Linux

Several years back, I had a Linux laptop. But by around 2010 I had migrated to the Apple ecosystem, starting with an iPad, and left Linux behind. Now I’m back to Linux and let me…

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Linux after one year

As I discovered entirely by accident, today marks the end of my first year using Linux. When I began, I wrote a number of updates for my blog with titles like ‘Linux: the first nine…

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Linux: The first 100 days

I haven’t written much about Linux since early June when I made the switch over from Microsoft Windows, which I had been using since the early 1990s. But I thought that after 100 days, I’d…

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Ubuntu and the Unions

Over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve installed a new operating system on my computer. I no longer use Microsoft Windows XP and instead now use Ubuntu Linux. That’s nice, you may be…

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Ubuntu now

I realize that my original plan was to try out Ubuntu Linux using the Wubi dual-boot system, making sure that everything worked and then after a full month, switching over. But I lost patience —…

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Life after Windows: Day 13

I’ve reached a decision. In another 18 days — on the first day of summer — I will completely shut down Microsoft Windows XP on my computer and move over to using Ubuntu Linux as…

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Living with Linux: The first five days

I’ve been using Ubuntu Linux for nearly five days now — see my previous report — and am still very happy. First, however, the bad news: The system has crashed twice, requiring hard reboots.

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Goodbye to Microsoft – Day One

It has now been some twelve hours since I began the process of moving over from Microsoft’s proprietary software over to Ubuntu Linux. In this blog entry and the ones that follow, I want to…