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The final solution on Sark

This article appears today in the Jewish Chronicle. One of the most shocking documents on display at Yad Vashem is a typed list prepared by Adolf Eichmann for the Wannsee conference held in January 1942….

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Amnesty lost its way long ago

This article appeared today in the Jewish Chronicle. Imagine Israel without guns or ammunition, without Iron Dome, as helpless before the armed fanatics of Hamas as Jews had been for centuries. Of course we can’t…

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The problem with Amnesty

This article appears today on the Jewish Chronicle website and will appear in tomorrow’s print edition. It is also being reprinted on the website of Pluto Press. In recent months, Amnesty International in the UK…

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My Shylock Moment

I call it “my Shylock moment” and it’s happening more and more. I’ve had the opportunity three times in the last few weeks to represent the Israeli point of view in public debates. As you…