Review: Perfect Match, by D.B. Thorne

This is normally the kind of book I love.

A gritty, serial-killer crime novel set in today’s London. Having read a very favourable review, I thought I’d give it a chance. I have to say that in the end, I was disappointed.

The main character, Solomon, is a reclusive genius whose face has been disfigured in an acid attack. His sister, meanwhile, was the victim of an attack that left her in a coma, and Solomon decides he needs to track down her attacker as the police seem unwilling to help. There is much that is implausible in this scenario, including the fairly silly series of clues the villain leaves strewn about.

Nevertheless, the book is not badly written, and the ending leaves one wanting to find out what happens next to Solomon and some of the other characters. Presumably, a sequel is on the way.