Review: Fire and Fury – Inside the Trump White House, by Michael Wolff

This book has been so hyped, so much written about it, that there are probably few surprises in it for the reader. However, there’s quite a difference between spending five minutes reading the highlights and sitting down for five or six hours, immersing oneself in the horror show that is the Trump administration.

In a word, Michael Wolff’s book is brilliant. It’s a political thriller with an absurd premise: that the President of the United States is a complete idiot who is also possibly insane, and that everyone around him knows this to be true.

The first victim of the success of this book of this is its central character other than Trump, Steve Bannon who had the ambition to replace Trump as the next president. If Michael Wolff has done nothing else, he’s put an end to the career of this arrogant fascist and for that deserves our full thanks.

After reading this book, and the noting the reaction to its publication, I’d say the question is no longer if Trump is removed from office, but how. I’m betting on a resignation. But impeachment would do just as well.

If this book makes that happen even one day sooner, that’s more than most authors could ever dream of achieving. Well done, Michael Wolff, and thank you.

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  1. Resignation? Impeachmen? Apple has just offered to pay millions in back taxes and has committed more millions to bring back production ‘home’. Obamacare might be repealed which will mean millions more in profit to the health care providers. Amoral capitalism and white racism loves his ass. Who needs sanity or leadership when you can make money?

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