Review: Hitler’s Third Reich in 100 Objects, by Roger Moorhouse

The danger of a book like this one is that it could encourage the fetishistic collection of Nazi memorabilia. There is already a fairly large community of people who collect such things, and some (including members of Britain’s royal family) have even been known to dress up in Nazi uniforms (all in good fun, of course). But the skilful hand of Roger Moorhouse ensures that this will not be the case with this book. As many of the objects discussed here show, the German Nazis were murderous barbarians. The art they collected was often mediocre, their ideas half-baked (Moorhouse points out that Hitler’s Mein Kampf was largely unreadable) and the one thing they excelled at — murdering innocent and defenceless people — is shown in some detail. Many of the objects are familiar, but others seem to be quite rare finds. Beautifully illustrated in full colour. Highly recommended.