Review: Be Useful: Seven tools for life, by Arnold Schwarzenegger

This book got a surprisingly good review from The Guardian and as one who likes to read the occasional personal productivity / self-help books, I thought – why not give the Terminator a go? Here’s why not: This is a book that tells you how amazing Arnold Schwarzenegger is. Really amazing. He was the best bodybuilder, ever. The inventor of action film heroes. The most fantastic governor California ever had. And through it all — he was just helping people. Many of the things he says, he says more than once. He flew people around on his personal jet — several times. He’s really good pals with lots of super-famous people and thanks, among others, Nelson Mandela and Mikhail Gorbachev in his Acknowledgements. He even thanks his ex-wife for being a great mom to their kids. Yes, he’s a great guy. No, his book isn’t worth buying. Unless you really want to know a lot more about what a great guy he is.