Online campaigning and labour education

The following article was submitted to Workers Education, the quarterly bulletin of the International Federation of Workers Education Associations (IFWEA), at the request of the editor, at the end of June 2003. It did not appear in the June 2003 issue and I am not sure if it was ever published. In any event, it’s published now — on the web.

Several years ago, the Canadian labour educator Marc Belanger proposed the creation of an online International Labour University. His dream was never realized, but if you ask Marc today, he’ll tell you that websites like the one I established

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  1. Thanks for making this available. For the last several years I have been interested in how to make available to rank and file union members the resources and news to become a more effective collective voice. I certainly appreciate your work and hope to figure out more of a network of union news and views. Best, Mark
    Check out for a current struggle I am with workers on.

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