Obama-Edwards: A winning ticket

It’s the morning after the Indiana and North Carolina primaries. It now seems pretty clear to everyone that Barack Obama is going to be the Democratic nominee for President. The question now is — what can we do to ensure that he defeats John McCain in November. And not only defeats McCain, but defeats him decisively.
We need more than a Democratic victory in November — we need a landslide. We need huge Democratic majorities in the House and Senate. We can only achieve that if we have the kind of unbeatable team at the top that unites the party and the nation.
It’s obvious that Hillary Clinton is not going to be Obama’s running mate. Obama has to choose from among many outstanding Democrats, including some who ran against him in the early primaries, to find a great Vice Presidential choice. But one man stands head and shoulders above all the others as the obvious choice: John Edwards.
John Edwards set the agenda for all the candidates in the early stages of the primary battles. He came up with the first and best comprehensive health care plan. He raised the issue of poverty as no leading politician has done for 40 years. His charisma, his abilities and his appeal to those voters Obama must win in November are beyond dispute.
An Obama-Edwards ticket in November is the Democratic party’s best chance of winning a resounding victory. If you agree, please visit http://www.ericlee.info/edwards4veep and sign the form there. (That address will soon be http://www.edwards4veep.org.)
We’ll make sure that Obama gets this message loud and clear from the many Democrats who we’re sure agree with us.

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