6. The best to-do list software

techtipsfortradeunionistsI’ve used a lot of tools to keep my to-do lists — going way back to the pre-Internet days of using pen and paper. (Which I still use from time to time.)

It amazes me that some people don’t use to-do lists at all — I can’t imagine not using one.

My favorite to-do list was actually the one Palm created for their original Palm Pilot hand-held computers in the late 1990s. They had everything one needed on a portable device and I loved it.

Sadly, Palm is no longer with us, and we’ve all moved on to web-based tools.

Those tools have to work really well on the web, but also on your smartphone and tablet.

In other words, we need to-do list software that works in the cloud, so that it can be edited and viewed while one is riding on a bus, or glanced at first thing in the morning before leaving for work, or at the end of the day — as well as during work on your desktop.

My favorite for the last several years has been Toodledo.

Some people find it too feature-packed — but I love the fact that it does everything I need a to-do list to do.

Some of the really popular to-do lists lacked some essential features (essential to me, at least) but not Toodledo.

For example, the acclaimed Wunderlist for a very long time didn’t allow recurring tasks. (I think it does now.)

I use Toodledo for all my work stuff as well as home and personal — these are stored in different folders.

I even use it as a calendar (more on that later).

There’s a free version to try out — let me know what you think.