4. Yes, there is an alternative to Google Search

techtipsfortradeunionistsI realize that the word “Google” is now a verb, and we all Google things now and then, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are several reasons not to use Google, not least of which is privacy,

I don’t like the idea that a giant, privately-owned business can know everything I search for, read all my emails, and know every web page I visit.

Yet this is what happpens when you’re signed into Google Chrome as your web browser, use Google to search and Gmail as your email.

One very good alternative has the ridiculous name of DuckDuckGo (don’t ask).

It works as well as Google, and it doesn’t spy on you.

Check out this page – Google tracks you.  We don’t. An illustrated guide.

And it’s dead easy to add as a replacement to Google in Firefox and other web browsers — maybe even Google Chrome as well.

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  1. Tried Duckduckgo for a week but found that in the first results pages, there were many more commercial links than with Google, and no Images, News, etc. tags readily available. It took me a lot more time sorting through the results, so I went back to Google. Maybe it’s spying on us actually helps us save time?

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