LabourStart’s first book is published – and what unions can learn from our experience

bookcoverI’m very pleased to announce today the publication of LabourStart’s first book – Campaigning Online and Winning: How LabourtStart’s ActNOW Campaigns Are Making Unions Stronger.

Many labour and left organizations publish books, but nearly all of them have to put up a lot of money to do so and wind up with cartons of unsold books piling up in their offices.

We’re doing this differently, using print-on-demand technology with no upfront costs for us at all.

This is the lowest-cost, lowest-risk way for small, under-financed organizations to publish books and I wonder why others haven’t done so.

I encourage you to buy a copy to see how this turns  out, to feel that it’s something you can hold in your hand, and looks quite professional, I think.  If you want to know more about how we did this, email me.