Review: The Counterfeit Candidate, by Brian Klein

Imagine if you will a wealthy German-American whose son runs as a populist candidate for the Republican nomination for president — but who harbours a dark secret. That secret is not his inclination towards fascism but the fact that he is — wait for this — the grandson of Adolf Hitler. Oh, and Hitler survived the war, settling in Patagonia.

I admit, this is not a brilliant premise for a book and rather bonkers, but somehow, Brian Klein manages to pull it off.

The book is a quick and enjoyable romp with all the tropes one might expect in a thriller — a bromance between two buddy cops, one Argentinian and one American, lots of brutal and completely unnecessary violence (pretty much the only woman to survive more than five minutes is Eva Braun, who we meet at the age of 100), incredible bungling by the bad guys leading to their inevitable defeat, and an ending that hints at the possibility of more to come.

I found the book oddly enjoyable, but please — don’t write a sequel.