Review: Just One Thing: How simple changes can transform your life, by Dr Michael Mosley

Dr Michael Mosley’s latest best-seller (or soon-to-be bestseller) is one of a number of new books that promise massive improvements in your life — if you just do one tiny little thing. And yet — he’s right about so much.

I’ve already added a number of his suggestions to the daily tasks on my to-do list. (If you see me on early morning walks, doing deep breathing while staring at a tree, you’ll know why.). And he’s certainly changed my shopping list for this week. If there’s a shortage of beetroot juice or Pink Lady apples in your local supermarket, blame him.

I was happy to see that I already do a lot of the things that he suggests, though at least now I know why. Like many of you, I stand on one leg while brushing my teeth, alternating legs every 30 seconds. I mean, most people do that, right? Apparently, that helps avoid falls which is a good thing as we get older.

And singing aloud — in my case, very loud — in the shower is also a good thing. I don’t remember why, but if it improves my health, of course I’ll do it.

This is a very short book, disguised as a much bigger one. Very short chapters, two pages announcing the chapter title and another full page with a quote from the (very short) chapter. I’m not complaining; I like short books. And this is one that can be read in a couple of hours, so why not?