Review: Glucose Revolution: The life-changing power of balancing your blood sugar, by Jessie Inchauspé

I read lots of books about health, obesity, diet and nutrition. I learn something from almost all of them. Even the most useless of them will contain one or two new insights, or sometimes ideas that I can put into practice. This book is different. Jessie Inchausp√©, who runs a hugely popular Instagram account with just under one million followers, rushes through the issues of glucose and insulin spikes and straight to her ten “hacks” for keeping glucose spikes down, thus preventing (or reducing) weight gain, among other benefits. Some of those will be obvious — but many are not, which is why the book is particularly useful. I bought it because one of her hacks — going for a ten minute walk after a meal — was actually written up a few days ago in the New York Times. Others I’d never heard of or thought of (vinegar before a meal?). All of it is evidence-based and builds on the work of writers I admire, which is probably why the book has been endorsed by some of the smarter writers about these subjects including Dr Tim Spector and Dr Michael Mosley. Highly recommended.