Review: Final Girls, by Mira Grant

Mira Grant has written post-apocalyptic books about zombies, a couple of novels about killer mermaids, and the like. Her stories are often (always?) about empowered women, contain lots of blood and gore, and healthy doses of humour. Final Girls is a novella about a psychologist who claims to be able to “cure” individuals (and families) of mental health issues by plunging them into a virtual reality horror movie, while injecting them with a cocktail of drugs. The other main characters are a young female journalist who is deeply skeptical and another woman who — well, the less said the better. My favourite bit: her dedication. It’s to a friend, “who, like me, would probably enjoy therapy more if it came with a chainsaw.”

I enjoyed the book, including its ending, but this is not her best work. If you’ve not read Mira Grant before, start with a different one – perhaps the “Newsflesh” trilogy.