Review: Jews Don’t Count, by David Baddiel

This is a brilliant book and I encourage all my non-Jewish friends to read it. My Jewish friends will not need to read it because what Baddiel writes — and he writes really well — is something they already understand.

The publishers summarised it this way: this “is a book for people who consider themselves on the right side of history. People fighting the good fight against homophobia, disablism, transphobia and, particularly racism … one type of racism has been left out of this fight … [Baddiel] outlines why and how, in a time of intensely heightened awareness of minorities, Jews don’t count as a real minority; and why they should.”

This is a complex argument and rather than attempt to summarise it, and get some of it wrong, I suggest that people read it. It’s a very short book, just 123 pages. It may change the way you think about Jews, anti-semitism and racism. Or not.