Review: The Case for Keto: The Truth About Low-Carb, High-Fat Eating, by Gary Taubes

Nearly twenty years ago, science journalist Gary Taubes wrote an article for the magazine section of the Sunday New York Times reporting that some eminent scientists were beginning to re-think the conventional view about why we gain weight.

His article, which I read at the time, convinced me and many others to take another long at the long-forgotten “Atkins Diet” which had a bit of a revival in the years that followed. My experience, and that of many others, was that low-carb dieting worked amazingly well. But most health professionals and most people disagreed, and disapproved.

Fast forward twenty years and the arguments Taubes made then are now accepted by thousands of doctors, and embraced by millions of people. In this book, a sequel of sorts to Taubes’ The Case Against Sugar, he explains why.

The science behind LCHF keto eating is well established. As Taubes continues to explain, patiently, year after year, it’s not about physics. It’s not calories in versus calories out. That doesn’t really work, as most people who struggle to lose weight will tell you. It’s about insulin resistance, about hormones and about how our cells accumulate fat rather than burn it off. And the proof is, to use a really terrible metaphor in this case, in the pudding. Low carb dieting leads to weight loss.

Taubes writes very well, and is very convincing. I hope many people read the book and try out what he suggests. It really works.