Review: Hitler’s Death: The Case Against Conspiracy, by Luke Daly-Groves

Adolf Hitler killed himself on 30 April 1945 in his bunker in Berlin. He did not escape to Argentina in a U-boat. He did not go into hiding in a monastery in Tibet. He was not murdered by SS chief Heinrich Himmler. He was not sent by rocket to a secret Nazi base on the far side of the moon. Only the last of these is not explored in this short book that relies heavily on British and American intelligence files which reveal when, how and where Hitler died. That such a book is necessary even now, three quarters of a century after Hitler’s death, shows the endurance of even the stupidest conspiracy theories. In the course of this book, Hugh Trevor-Roper, author of the definitive book The Last Days of Hitler, comes off rather well, despite his later failures, most notably regarding the forged “Hitler diaries”. A good introduction to the subject by a young historian.