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How to stop the spread of computer viruses

Those of you who have email may have had a nasty surprise or two in your Inbox this week. The Badtrans-B virus was one of the very worst to spread through the Internet and is typical of a range of new and more powerful viruses which specifically exploit weaknesses in Microsoft email software, particularly Outlook Express.

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The end of free

In the beginning, everything on the net was free. You wanted a website? There were hundreds — maybe thousands — of free offers. Needed web-based email? Hotmail was only the first of many thousands of free services. Dialling up to the net was free, though you had to pay the cost of the phone call. And even computers were free — I got one from Tiny Computers on the condition that I used their (free) Internet service for a year.

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It’s time to move beyond the silent era on websites

It’s 2001 already — and the movies are more than a century old. We’ve had movies with sound since the late 1920s, and colour films since just before the Second World War. If someone were to make a movie today in black and white, without sound, it would be rather odd, no?
Yet that is precisely what most unions and left organisations are doing with their websites. (I’m speaking about those that have websites — I won’t even discuss the others.)

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