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Ghostbusters in Gaza

ghostbusters.jpgIn an extraordinary interview in today's Times, a 24-year old Hamas fighter named “Mohammed” explains in some detail how the organization is preparing to deal a crushing blow to the Zionist enemy. He talks about their tunnels and booby-traps and how Hamas has essentially already won the war.

“We are the soldiers who run towards death,” he boasts. “They run away from it.”

And adds: “I tell you, even our ghosts will defeat the Israelis.”

Our ghosts?

The Times interviewer let that one slide, but I was instantly reminded of how other racist, totalitarian terror-states used similar comic-book rhetoric in their moments of defeat.

At the very end of the Second World War, the Nazi SS under Himmler's orders decided to launch resistance operations behind the lines of the advancing Allied armies.

German defeat was at this stage of the war a certainty, though Goebbels' propaganda machine continued to talk as if Germany was luring the Allies into a trap as they advanced into Germany proper.

They had to come up with a name to describe these heroic young lads who were going to turn the Reich into a graveyard for the invaders. Names like 'partisan' and 'maquis' had already been taken by the other side, so they come up with an original one rooted deep in the national psyche – and Hollywood horror films.

The last fighting Nazis were to be called “werewolves.”

Are we noticing a pattern here?

The SS-Werwolf organization was an utter failure. With Hitler's death, German resistance collapsed. The Reich turned out not to be the graveyard of the invading Allied armies as the Nazis had boasted but the graveyard of millions of Germans, civilians and soldiers alike.

As the battle in Gaza seems to be drawing to a close, the increasingly delusional behaviour of Hamas, holed up in their bunkers, resembles the final days of the Nazi regime.


Yeah - I remember reading about HITLER'S WEREWOLVES a worthless figure of the Nazi's imagination they may have existed but but were as you so aptly put it
a TOTAL FAILURE. But I guess NAZI's will be NAZIS!!!

Has the state of Israel ever been involved in a conflict where the other side(s) weren't in some way compared to a feature of Nazi Germany?