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Changing the world one Amazon review at a time

I've posted a handful (literally) of reviews on the Amazon website. I didn't even remember that I had, but I just now had to post one about the new James Bond book so I returned to the site.

In looking over my reviews, I see that I posted a one sentence review of Microsoft Excel a year ago. Here's what I wrote:

"Why would anyone pay over £170 for a piece of software which does nothing more than Open does -- and is completely free of charge?"

Nearly a year later, someone posted a comment on my review (I didn't realize you could do this). It's worth repeating here:

"This is so true - I dowloaded openoffice on reading this and it is very good. converts all your old word or .xls files and is easy to use with the same functionality of office. plus I am quids in as was about to spend £180 on Excel. Major mistake if I had done that! Great post Eric."

One more convert to free software -- won over by a review on Amazon. I wonder what else we can use Amazon reviews for?