John Edwards.

CBS News: "John Edwards is a devastatingly effective VP choice for Obama" - June 4, 2008

Globe and Mail: Edwards, like Gore in 1992, may amplify rather than balance ticket - Obama and Edwards looked great on stage together - June 4, 2008

CNN: Edwards relegated to second tier, one of 18 possible choices - June 4, 2008

Ohio Poll: With Edwards as VP candidate, Obama beats McCain by 18 points - the best showing by any potential vice president - May 23, 2008

Washington Monthly: Edwards is best choice for VP - May 23, 2008

Latest poll shows Edwards is Obama's best chance to defeat McCain - May 20, 2008

Daily KOS article and discussion - add your comments here

MyDD article and discussion - add your comments here

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Obama and Edwards team up in North Carolina; Obama to "partner up" with Elizabeth Edwards on healthcare

From the Los Angeles Times - 10 June - full article here

In Raleigh, with former White House hopeful John Edwards and his wife, Elizabeth, in attendance, Obama said the Bush administration's tax cuts had hurt the nation.

"For eight long years, our president sacrificed investments in healthcare and education and energy and infrastructure on the altar of tax breaks for big corporations and wealthy CEOs -- trillions of dollars in giveaways that proved neither compassionate nor conservative," he said.

During his discussion on healthcare reform, Obama extended an arm toward Elizabeth Edwards, a Center for American Progress fellow working on healthcare issues. Edwards is battling recurrent breast cancer.

"I'm going to be partnering up with Elizabeth Edwards," he said. "We're going to be figuring all this out."

Although the electoral map has been relatively stable in the last two presidential elections, Obama's campaign thinks it can compete in more states, including North Carolina.

Rumors on the Hill: Edwards is one of 20 candidates being considered

Full story here [June 10, 2008]

Media report: Edwards "doesn't want" to be Vice President

I think that there's a misunderstanding going on here. Edwards when asked sometimes says he doesn't want to be vice president and sometimes (as in a closed meeting in London last week) is more coy on the subject. People who write that Edwards is not in the running don't understand the process. You don't run for vice president, you don't nominate yourself. You get picked by the party's presidential nominee. That's why we don't have a field of Democratic vice presidential contenders. Everyone is being polite, and no one is waging a big public campaign for the job. This website is part of a grassroots effort to encourage Obama to pick Edwards -- just as there similar efforts online for Hillary Clinton and presumably other possible nominees. We will continue to make the case for Edwards until Obama has announced his decision. - Eric Lee [June 7, 2008]

Washington Monthly: Ten reasons why Obama should pick Edwards

This article sets out the case very persuasively indeed. Read the whole list here. [June 6, 2008]

Dear Senator Obama:

Please name John Edwards as your running mate.

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Your state:

Barack Obama Should Choose John Edwards for Vice President

"Edwards would help Obama with the blue-color white workers that he often doesn't stir, giving him a needed edge in the general election to blunt McCain's chances of picking up any "Reagan Democrats." John Edwards has also campaigned hard on issues such as poverty and education, so he would be an excellent complement to Obama's message."

Read this article by Ryan Kopf. [May 26, 2008]

Why Edwards? - by Eric Lee

It's the morning after the Indiana and North Carolina primaries. It now seems pretty clear to everyone that Barack Obama is going to be the Democratic nominee for President. The question now is -- what can we do to ensure that he defeats John McCain in November. And not only defeats McCain, but defeats him decisively.

We need more than a Democratic victory in November -- we need a landslide. We need huge Democratic majorities in the House and Senate. We can only achieve that if we have the kind of unbeatable team at the top that unites the party and the nation.

It's obvious that Hillary Clinton is not going to be Obama's running mate. Obama has to choose from among many outstanding Democrats, including some who ran against him in the early primaries, to find a great Vice Presidential choice. But one man stands head and shoulders above all the others as the obvious choice: John Edwards.

John Edwards set the agenda for all the candidates in the early stages of the primary battles. He came up with the first and best comprehensive health care plan. He raised the issue of poverty as no leading politician has done for 40 years. His charisma, his abilities and his appeal to those voters Obama must win in November are beyond dispute.

An Obama-Edwards ticket in November is the Democratic party's best chance of winning a resounding victory. If you agree, please sign the form above. We'll make sure that Obama gets this message loud and clear from the many Democrats who we're sure agree with us.

Thank you! [May 7, 2008]