Selected reviews of the book

December 31st, 1993

The following are all the reviews of Saigon to Jerusalem which I know about. If anyone discovers other reviews, please pass them on to me. Thanks.
* Library Journal
* Vietnam Magazine
* The Jerusalem Post
* Northern California Jewish Bulletin
* VVA [Vietnam Veterans of America] Veteran
* AJL [Association of Jewish Libraries] Newsletter

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Speech to Jewish War Veterans of the USA Post 180, Jerusalem

May 31st, 1993

Memorial Day Luncheon, 31 May 1993
First, I want to thank you for inviting me to speak at the Jewish War Veterans Memorial Day luncheon. It is a great honor to have the opportunity to meet you, especially on this day.
Dan suggested that my topic be the question of what motivated me to write my book, Saigon to Jerusalem. But in thinking about that, I’m not sure that my motivation is really the most interesting thing I can talk about.
I will begin by saying a little bit about myself and my background. I’d like to speak also, in very general terms, about the book I wrote.
People often ask me how I came upon the idea of writing about Jewish Vietnam war veterans who came to Israel, so I’d like to comment on that as well.

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Israel’s peace movement faces its most daunting task

January 6th, 1989

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Israel must choose between reconciliation or a violent nightmare

July 1st, 1988

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How the coalition in Israel has silenced the peace movement

February 5th, 1988

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After forty years, Israel’s Arabs are still being treated as second class citizens

May 8th, 1987

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End in sight for Middle East conflict – with a bang

December 14th, 1984

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About Eric Lee

July 14th, 1955

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