A change in the weather?

The death of Iraqi Al-Qaeda boss Abu Musab al-Zarqawi led the BBC website to solicit comments from readers. And invited readers to vote on their favourite comments.
Normally, you’d expect something along the lines of the Bush and Blair bashing that usually occurs when something (anything) happens in the war on terror — the charges that Bush and Blair are the world’s greatest terrorists, etc., etc. There were comments posted along this line, such as:
Ok he was a thorn in the side of Iraq, but the real problem is Bush and Blair.
I believe that this operation to kill the above was entirely illegal.
So a minor player in the disaster that is Iraq bites the dust. Big deal! Not until the real monsters, Bush and Blair are brought to book will there be any justice to the long-suffering people of Iraq.
But something strange is happening today. Of the 729 comments currently posted on the site, the top 9 are all positive. The largest number of votes went to a Londoner who wrote, “In memory of Ken Bigley: JUSTICE has been served.”
My own 3-word long comment made it to 6th place out of the 729. What did I have to say about the killing of Zarqawi? Here’s my message in full:
Good aim, guys.

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