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  1. To Eric Lee,
    Briefly, It makes no sense to keep trying to “organize” if the same old
    ideas of what and who and why you are organizing still remains
    unchanged! Insanity is to keep doing the same things over and over again
    and expect a different result!
    1. Organized labor with some money set aside for “organizing” should set
    up a new organization dedicated to promoting the interests of working
    people – especially those who are not in unions at the present time.
    Let us call this organization the National Organization for Working
    People (NOWP) for right now.
    2. The first purpose of the NOWP is educational. The working people of
    this country has NO MEDIA at all that promotes their interests in
    reporting the news for example. NOWP must create a national news network
    that presents the news and information vital for working people to
    understand what is happening to them as they are being destroyed by the
    class war being waged against them continuously.
    For example, on every front, living standards are plummeting. There
    is no national health care system, prescription drugs are unaffordable,
    hospitals are closing, Social Security is threatened, housing costs are
    skyrocketing. In the building where I work, a latino works there has to
    work two full time jobs 16 hours a day(!) at minimum wage pay, to
    support his family with two small children. He only sees them asleep
    during the week, gets about 4 hours sleep a night, has done this for two
    3. The war(s) of the Bush Project for a New American Century are
    bankrupting the economy. Tax cuts for the wealthy, massive corruption at
    the Federal level, etc. All this is rapidly causing a huge shift in
    wealth to an ever increasing portion of the population.
    4. The most crucial element that this new NOWP organization must make is
    this: it must become anti-capitalist (what we have now is actually
    “capitalism run amok” with no checks and balances at all). The current
    conservative trade union movement in U.S. has always tried to “partner”
    with businesses — which are continually destroying the unions. The
    last remaining unions are surviving only at the convenience of capital.
    The unions remaining are a discipline of labor, and collaborate with
    capital to maximize profit. Corporations are constantly throwing out
    benefits, pensions, slashing wages, until finally they close-up and go
    5. The NOWP now has a news information program worthy of engaging
    working people. It must now take this program to PBS TV and threaten to
    sue them if they do not allow a half hour program every night to counter
    the corporate control and indoctrination on PBS (I refrain from ranting
    on about the class-war character of PBS!). Of course a national radio
    program or radio network must be developed.
    6. The NOWP starts soliciting for members. No great demands or
    requirements to join! (Something like AARP does for senior citizens).
    NOWP members start with a national monthly newspaper, or national email
    news releases, etc. Educating, informing, showing the economics of
    what is happening, etc.
    7. The NOWP now has the nucleus of informed people nationwide to start
    the creation of a National Working Peoples Party (whatever name)… We
    have an agenda and a platform that we have developed nationally and
    locally. Local groups can be formed to run local and state candidates
    who all support and agree to the platform.
    8. The NOWP can also be a PRECURSOR to organizing union(s) nationally
    and locally where possible.
    9. Two essential characteristics: FEEDBACK and MEMBERSHIP INVOLVEMENT
    10. It is essential finally to maintain an anti-capitalist point-of-
    view. The US Government was found of, by and for the people. It has been
    totally taken over by big business, military-industrial complex, etc.
    The US Government was founded as a secular government with freedom of
    religion for all (NO TO PAT ROBERTSON— being paid millions as a
    “faith-based” organization!) NOWP must cut through the indoctrination
    of several generations about the glory of capitalism. Capitalism “as we
    now know it” is destroying the planet, millions of people abroad and at
    Thanks if you actually read all this stuff!
    Santa Monica, CA , USA

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