Open Letter to George Galloway (2)

Dear Sir:
I was pleased to see that you vigorously condemned last week’s terrorist attacks by jihadists in Bangladesh.
As I’m sure you know, today — less than a week after Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip — a terrorist attempted to blow up a bus in the Israeli city of Be’er Sheva. According to press reports from Israel, some 48 people have been injured, some seriously.
It is believed that the terrorist who undertook this attack was a member either of Hamas or Islamic Jihad — both groups which are closely identified with the groups which carried out the attacks in Bangladesh (and London last month).
I was wondering when we could expect to see your condemnation of today’s bombing?
Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

3 Comments on "Open Letter to George Galloway (2)"

  1. any reply yet? 🙂

  2. Shaunyboy | 17/09/2005 at 23:50 |

    Do you honestly expect this 1 MP to condemn every single terrorist attack in the world?
    If so, he will have nothing to do but condemn terrorist actions, most of which carried out by the UK and US governments.

  3. Shaunyboy | 17/09/2005 at 23:53 |

    Will you condemn the slaughter of at least 100,000 innocent women, men and children carried out by the UK and US armed forces?

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