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Remember Twitter

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

There is an increasing tendency among trade unions to “outsource” certain parts of our websites — and this is going to cause problems for us even in the short run.
More and more unions are creating groups for themselves on the social networking site Facebook. For example, the NUJ’s group on Facebook has over 1,800 members.
Other have taken a keen interest in the online virtual world “Second Life” — going so far as to create a permanent “Union Island” there. The TUC, Unison, Prospect and Connect are all backing that initiative, which was launched by UNI Global Union.


The secret to a successful union website

Saturday, September 6th, 2008

Ask people what they think makes for a great union website. Some will say – keep it fresh with loads of new content. Others will add – make it interactive. Add a mailing list. Make sure the site is accessible for disabled people. Use a content management system. Don’t use Flash. Do add a search bar.
That’s good advice, but in my experience setting up three websites for three different trade unions in London this summer, I think there’s one thing often neglected when we talk about the difference between success and failure. I’m talking about training.