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The Next War [12]

Monday, August 26th, 1996

In Israel these days, everyone is talking about the next war.


Back to the “Sealed Room”: Some thoughts on the alternative to the peace process [11]

Monday, August 19th, 1996

I had intended to write this column this week about the various scandals and foul-ups which have troubled the Netanyahu government in recent days. Lots of material was available.


An Open Letter to David Levy [10]

Monday, August 12th, 1996

The Honorable David Levy
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Dear Sir:
When you established “Gesher” — which calls itself a “national social movement” — many thought that for the first time in many years we were seeing in this country a political movement based not on different positions vis a vis the Jewish-Arab conflict, nor on an ethnic or religious basis, but rather a movement based on social class. “Gesher” could have represented in Israeli politics what was once called “the working class” and today — “the underprivileged”.


Back to the Future: If you liked 1991, you’re in luck [9]

Monday, August 5th, 1996

Remember the 1985 film “Back to the Future”? Of course you do. One of the charming elements of that movie was the recreation of an imaginary American town in the year 1955. It cost Hollywood millions of dollars and required the talents of experts — but the new Israeli government has done far better than that. At far less cost and in less than two months, Prime Minister Binyamin “Bibi” Netanyahu has created a nearly perfect replica of the Middle East in the fall of 1991.