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The First 100 Hours: It Begins . . . [3]

Monday, June 24th, 1996

Bibi’s government has been with us now for 100 hours. If allowed to complete its term in office, we have another 35,000 hours to go. Here’s my list of disasters for the first hours; multiply this by 350 and you have an idea of what’s ahead:


Surprise! [2]

Monday, June 17th, 1996

There’s a recurring theme in letters I get from friends who, like me, hoped that Bibi Netanyahu would never be Israel’s Prime Minister. Maybe he’ll surprise us, they tell me. Maybe he’ll “pull a Begin” and make peace with some hostile Arab neighbor. (CNN, which has apparently never heard of Prime Minister Menachem Begin, keeps asking interviewees if Netanyahu will “pull a Nixon.”) .
Let’s try to be realistic here. Of course Bibi is not going to do wonderful things. He is going to . . .


Bibi’s New Government [1]

Monday, June 10th, 1996

By June 17th, we are promised, Israel is going to have a new government. That’s the day the Knesset meets for the first time since the elections. Bibi doesn’t have to put together a new government by that date — he has more than 6 weeks to do this — but he wants to hit the ground running.
Too bad.
When we look at the government that’s shaping up, we want to tell Bibi: take your time. No need to rush into things. This kind of government can wait.


Israel: Where the Paranormal Is Normal

Saturday, June 1st, 1996

This article appeared in Skeptical Briefs.

I should begin by saying that this has always been a land in which the paranormal is normal. According to all the religions which have blossomed here, throughout history miracles have taken place practically on a daily basis in the land of Israel. The dead have been revived, the sick have been cured spiritually, oceans have parted to make way for the good guys (and then drown the bad guys), water has turned into wine, stone into water, and so forth. On the very eve of the twenty-first century, I’m happy to report that nothing here has changed and miracle-making continues apace.