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“Ethical Consumer” magazine supports racist boycotts?

To the editor, Ethical Consumer magazine
As a new subscriber, I was looking forward to reading my first issue of Ethical Consumer magazine. Like most of your readers, I try to shop ethically — I buy Fair Trade products when I can, I bank at the Cooperative Bank, I try to buy products from unionized companies. In fact, I do a bit more than that. As the editor of the LabourStart website (, I help promote such unionized, ethical businesses as No Sweat Apparel and Powells Books, the unionized alternative to
I was intrigued by the title of the feature story in your current (November-December) issue. Entitled “Islamic Boycotts”, my first, instinctive reaction was — why boycott Islamic countries or companies owned by Muslims? Sure, we all oppose dictatorships and terrorism, but I don’t think we should punish entire countries’ economies. I know that I still plan to enjoy the occasional baklava at our local Turkish restaurant.
Imagine my surprise at discovering that subject was not actually Islamic boycotts but Jewish boycotts.

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